On the Internet, thousands of online stores are trading. Now you can pay bills for various types of services, commercial television and mobile communications, taxes, etc. For all this to work successfully, it is necessary to create payment platforms that will ensure maximum convenience and security, both for people who pay and for those who accept payments.

What gives a single payment platform

A single payment IT infrastructure will allow you to generate invoices for the payment of various services, deliver them to the subscriber via SMS or E-mail, provide the opportunity to pay them from your mobile phone account or through your personal account using electronic money or a bank card, and notify the client about the status of his payments and existing debt.

The payment platforms created by TGS help automate sales, making it easier to pay for purchases in online stores, minimizing all risks. The development of online systems (payment platforms) makes it possible to combine the entry points of customers using various payment methods (electronic money and bank cards). The seller receives a high-quality interface and a universal gateway for receiving payments. This is the link connecting the online store with the service bank and customers.

Features of the payment platform from TGS

When creating payment platforms, TGS specialists develop an integration core for combining information flows for receiving and processing payments. Web programming is carried out with integration into the created platform:

  • various payment and accounting systems;
  • services of mobile operators and money transfers;
  • a system that manages contacts with customers;
  • other web services.

As a result, high-quality custom software is created, including a storage system for the necessary data and a notification system.


TGS-created payment platforms are distinguished by:

  • flexibility and many different options that allow you to provide individuality with a specific client;
  • a convenient interface that makes it possible not only to manage the payment system, controlling the receipt of funds, but also to carry out the calculation of taxes in an automatic mode and keep statistical reports;
  • the presence of various mechanisms to protect against fraud;
  • the possibility of operational monetization.

Terms of Service

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