All the successes or failures of any organisation ultimately depend on its ability to profit. Moreover, we are not talking about the simultaneous receipt of funds, we are talking about the stable profitability of the enterprise. The market is constantly changing and not always these changes can be positive, therefore, the ability to respond quickly determines the degree of flexibility of the company and its ability to adapt to the circumstances. In general, all actions aimed at optimising cash flows can be called a financial management system.

TGS aims to support your organisation, no matter what industry it is in. Our products will optimise financial management, starting with the simplest elements and ending with general control over the processes.

TGS financial management solutions include tools aimed at automating processes in compliance with all necessary legal standards. The main objects of influence in this case are:

  • payables and receivables, cash and payment orders;
  • distribution of costs and consolidation, reporting;
  • planning of tax deductions and asset management;
  • forecasting and formation of plans.

The traditional form of providing financial statements can be quite informative and able to provide some transparency in doing business. But in the modern world, the requirements for data consolidation are becoming more stringent, and leading organizations have long begun to use products aimed at coordinating information sources in their activities. Financial applications from TGS are aimed at enhancing transparency of the financial condition of companies, regardless of their industry affiliation or size.

Many corporations have long outgrown the capabilities of their market and are actively opening branches abroad or absorbing other companies. As a result of all these actions, the organisation’s structure loses its harmony and transparency, reporting becomes difficult, and data consolidation is laborious. All this is compounded by the fact that the tax systems used by various branches and subsidiaries can be different, as well as the currency in which settlements are made with counterparties and mutual settlements. To reduce the impact of these problems, TGS offers a package of solutions aimed at managing the finances of several organisations that are part of your group. The proposed solutions will optimise the processing of operations and increase the transparency of the business as a whole.

As you understand, the possibilities of such solutions can be realised not only at the local level, but also optimally fit into the ramified structure of any international company.

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