In 2014 TGS was founded to prosper, provide and elevate any broker seeking higher standards and establishment, by pioneering the cloud computing solution it provides today, TGS has proven its capability in supplying and prospering brokers seeking capability to be embedded into their value chain . Establishing the worlds best brokerage applications today, TGS provides financial services, technology and support aimed at delivering trajectories of growth, TGSs deliverables run more hundreds of companies, organisations and subsidiaries in more than 100 countries.

To assist each broker by providing a institutional platform for online brokerages that are interested in elevating their business. Whether simple or complex your requirements are, our experienced team driven by passion to cultivate your business dream into a successful, complete and operational brokerage. Once the entity of your company has been completed, TGS will guide, build, install and maintain you through the business initiation model in order to provide you with a full service and technology capability that are designed to prosper you in the ongoing management and growth of your online business.

  • To provide broker companies assistance in configuration and guidance that will best suit a brokers business objectives aiming to growth.
  • To allocate TGS resources to brokerage needs, comprised of highly professional team, with in-depth knowledge of each business aspect, being successful in advising and assisting brokers to establish, manage and sustain companies worldwide.
  • To assist in business formation by delivering services, opening a bank account in a foreign bank, providing platforms and suits, for brokers with a variety of needs, serving businesses world wide, all done in order to get a brokers online business operating and trajectory to growth in a professional and efficient procedure.
  • To have the brokerage formation and growth process done in the shortest amount of time possible, in order to provide brokers with the utmost efficient yet effective service.
  • To deliver the highest quality of service, with the right package for your business, at the most reasonable cost.

Established in 2014, TGS sought the need of brokers and took action in initiating a cloud solution project until it had established it, creating managing and elevating more than 100 brokers, today TGS a leader in financial industry has supplied more than 100 brokers there needs.