Virtualization is the efficient use of IT infrastructure, saving the cost of its operation, increasing the level of productivity and quality of service. The innovative solution mechanism is to ensure the independent functioning of virtual machines running on the same server and using common hardware resources under various operating systems and applications.

Virtualization allows you to significantly expand computing power by dynamically distributing IT resources, as well as combining data from various sources into a single set.

To deploy an effective customer service, business, streamline business processes and introduce new services, TGS offers an effective creative product that increases management accessibility, expands financial strategies and minimizes the human factor.

The indisputable advantages of using virtualization include:

  • saving service costs by reducing their number and placing virtual machines on one full-featured service;
  • no need to install equipment used at peak loads:
  • reduction of energy costs;
  • increase fault tolerance and reduce downtime due to the interchangeability of virtual machines;
  • the ability to maximize the recovery of devices and copy data;
  • quick setup, initiation and tracking of information;
  • identification of possible failures of defects in the early stages.

The introduction of virtualization in the formed structures allows to reduce investment costs by reducing the number of servers, upgrade existing equipment, reduce losses from downtime and failures, simplify operation and profitably reorganize the engineering infrastructure. IT staff members are able to quickly restore the system and centrally manage equipment and IT environments.

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