Application development using the Android SDK, which includes APIs, debugging tools, a mobile phone emulator and sample programs, is becoming more and more popular. This environment allows you to create custom solutions for mobile devices. The Android operating system is based on the Linux kernel, and the development environment supports multitasking, which means that the application running on a mobile phone will not affect the quality of the device. A large number of built-in libraries, as well as a set of special development tools, allows you to quickly create a stable working application for a wide variety of industries.

Using our services for creating Android applications, you will receive a reliable software product that will change your approach to doing business. We are ready to offer you software solutions based on technologies such as Bluetooth, Edge, GPS, 3G, 4G, WI-FI, touch screen and other characteristics of mobile devices. With us you can be sure of the quality of the final application, exact adherence to the agreed deadlines and a well-established development method.

We offer the following services for the development of Android applications:

  • Creating applications for the Android platform of any complexity;
  • Configure API;
  • Counseling;
  • Technical support and software maintenance;
  • Usability testing and quality control;
  • Creating applications for social networks;
  • Creation of programs using wireless technology;
  • Game development;
  • Integration of third-party applications such as Facebook, Twitter;
  • Transfer any data to the Android platform.

Our experts use the full potential of the Android environment to create high-performance applications for users. Developers successfully use Android libraries to create audio and media files, as well as graphics (2D and 3D using Open GL). Support for the Bluetooth protocol stack allows you to create a program for exchanging data over a wireless network.

On our account, projects carried out in various fields, such as: entertainment, games, healthcare, office software, security, pharmaceuticals, trade. Understanding the characteristics of various industries, coupled with extensive knowledge of the Android platform, will allow us to create an application that meets all the requirements of your business.

Choosing our company to create an Android application guarantees:

  • A dedicated team of developers of Android applications with rich experience working with Android 8.x / 9.x / 10.x platforms and regularly replenishing their knowledge with each release of a new version of the system.
  • A deep analysis of customer requirements, allowing you to create a software product that exactly matches all the tasks.
  • Ability to use various tools of the Android development environment (Hierarchy Viewer, DDMS, Trace view, Zipalign) and other frameworks.
  • An application that supports the most modern payment systems, created in strict accordance with the rules of Android development.

TGS guarantees the creation of Android applications that support all the functionality.

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Implementation deadlines are evaluated individually for each project.

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The service of creating Android applications is available for order in all regions.

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The exact cost of providing the service depends on the specifics of a particular project, please use one of the methods listed below to request the cost of work on your project.

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